We'll let the search engines know about your site!

By default, search engines are not aware of your new project, so customers won't be able to see your activities during a Google search, for example. This is where SEO Referencing comes in.
Natural SEO
The SEO, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), encompasses all methods and techniques that aim to position the web pages of your website in the first natural results of search engines (including Google, but also Bing, Yahoo and others). This in order to improve the visibility of the pages in question, by applying a series of "rules" enacted by the search engines.
Paid referencing
Paid referencing allows you to control, through the purchase of keywords, the positioning of a website in search engines. Thanks to this marketing strategy, advertisers quickly gain in presence with their future customers. Paid keyword referencing would therefore, as William Lasserre points out, organic referencing - which requires continuous time and investment for an ad to rise naturally, and for free, to the charts of searches - allowing advertisers to be first in the engines the next day.