The update is essential to keep your site running smoothly.

Let us keep your website up to date, don't worry about anything, we'll take care of it. A weekly follow-up is carried out and a monthly report is taken up to take the right action. A weekly backup will also be made to protect the database, images and content of your project.
Wordpress is the most popular framework in the world and has millions of cooperators, to keep this position as a leader of frequent updates are deployed, we will make sure to apply it on your site as well as compatibility with all plugins already installed
Following a WordPress update, your plugins may be obsolete, we continually make sure to update these to avoid any dis-functioning that can harm the customer experience.
The world of the web and in perpetual motion, do not miss the wave by entrusting us to update the content of your site.
In order to avoid data loss, a weekly and automatic backup system will be set up, your site's data will be stored securely in Google's servers.